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How Much Does a Gut Renovation Cost in NYC?

Remodel of townhouse living room with wood floors and white paint

Whether your goal is to renovate your studio apartment or brownstone in New York City, there are countless factors to consider, including building permits and association approvals. Hiring a reputable design/build firm for your gut renovation project is a wise investment.

Star Renovations NY offers white-glove service and stress-free customer satisfaction. We handle all permits and appropriate approvals and provide full transparency of all project build and material costs.

To help you price your renovation, we’ve compiled a list of cost factors and what makes Star Renovations NY a superior choice for your design/build firm.

Experience white-glove remodeling with Star Renovations NY. Explore our project portfolio for inspiration, and contact us at (718) 785-9402 for a consultation.

Cost Factors of a Gut Renovation

Basic NYC gut renovations average $250–$400 per square foot with labor and cost-effective materials. Higher-end gut renovations can run $400–$800 per square foot based on fixtures, customizations, finishes, and the scope of the work.

Renovation costs include several factors:

  • Value: The home’s value determines your spending, while prices vary room-to-room.
  • Location: Depending on your location, there may be additional fees. Living in a co-op or condo, expect special renovation permits and approval before starting.
  • Scale: Full remodels add extra project management requirements.
  • Materials: Material costs range in quality and quantity.
  • Layout: Archways, islands, and nooks require unique solutions that impact final costs.
  • Board: Approvals can be lengthy and invasive. A design and build firm will handle this for you.
  • Housing: If this is your primary home, include temporary housing costs and storage for your belongings.
  • Design and project management: The full scope of the project will determine design and project management costs.
  • Other: Consider order changes, modifications, material costs, and delivery or other service fees.

Hiring a Reputable Design/Build Firm

A mistake some NYC residents make is taking a DIY remodeling approach. Because renovations include electrical, plumbing, and demolishing walls, they carry several risks, including safety hazards, incorrect installation, and board fines.

By hiring a reputable design/build firm, you can rest assured that your remodeling vision will turn into a reality with each step meticulously handled. With Star Renovations NY, you’ll have a dedicated project manager, coordinator, and office liaison to keep you apprised. 

What To Expect When Working With a Design/Build Firm

Some homeowners still contemplate between a general contractor or a design/build firm. With general contractors, you still need to hire an architect firm to handle your approvals. If you need help with the design, you’ll also need to hire a designer. And if you’re working full-time, you’ll need a project manager. These services charge you a percentage of your general contractor contract. As the homeowner, you’ll serve as the segue between them. 

A design/build firm differs because they conveniently streamline all services under one roof. With a single point of contact, everyone stays on the same page for better communication from start to finish.

One line of communication also provides you with a holistic view. Receive timely responses and enjoy accurate, transparent estimates. Fewer conflicts and disputes between designers, architects, and contractors means you can mitigate your risks and stay on track with your project completion date.

When hiring a design/build firm, you can count on a seamless experience rather than a piecemeal project. There’s only one responsible team to mitigate errors, as opposed to working with a general contractor and not knowing who’s to blame.

Star Renovations NY provides clear and concise planning. We’ll align with your vision and goals and help you achieve your renovation objectives. Because you have a busy schedule, you’ll receive the personalized renovation and design solutions you deserve.

Schedule a Remodeling Consultation With Star Renovations NY

Home remodeling is stressful, especially when dealing with boards, permits, and the complexities of building requirements and regulations.

At Star Renovations NY, we offer a streamlined service. Easily view projects and daily progress notes online, conveniently make changes, send requests, approve luxury finishes and fixtures, and communicate with your team.

For a stress-free, white-glove remodeling experience, trust NYC’s expert design/build team — Star Renovations NY. With our attention to detail, we’ll bring your ideas to fruition.

Create the living space of your dreams. Contact Star Renovations NY today to schedule a design/build consultation by calling (718) 785-9402.