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Everything You Need To Know About Your NYC Renovation Approval Package

Before and after of a kitchen remodel. Before kitchen has outdated wood cabinetry and dark floors. After kitchen is light and bright with large island

Are you planning a renovation project in New York City but feeling overwhelmed by the approval process? Look no further than Star Renovations NY. As a design/build firm with over 20 years of industry experience, we handle all aspects of renovation projects under one roof.

From architectural drawings and management approval process to necessary permits and inspections, Star Renovations NY makes the approval process as seamless and stress-free as possible.

The Submission Package

The first step in the approval process is submitting a comprehensive package known as the alteration agreement package. This should include, but is not limited to:

  • Architectural drawings
  • Specifications of fixtures
  • Proof of insurance
  • Proof of license
  • Scope of work
  • Asbestos report
  • Executed alteration package
  • Permits, etc.

Blueprints of before and after of a remodel

Depending on your project needs, you may also be required to submit electrical letters and probing for wall breakdowns or expansions.

With the team at Star Renovations, clients don’t need to worry about any of this. We handle the full submission package from start to finish. With our years of experience, we’ve seen it all, so we know exactly how to respond when unexpected obstacles stand in the way of project completion.

The Approval Process

Once the package is submitted, our team handles all communication with the building architect and engineer until the concept is approved. We’ll handle all correspondence and create additional plans if necessary to comply with building codes and requirements. Star Renovations NY also has relationships with many building management teams around NYC, making it easier and more efficient for clients to get approval. 

The Necessary Permitting

After the board and building management approve the contract, Star Renovations NY works with the NYC Department of Buildings (DOB) for the plan approvals and permits. This process typically takes about 30 days, depending on the scope of work. Once the permitting is complete, the team can start the renovation.

The Inspections

Every building has a set of inspections that they’ll note, and it’s our job to ensure that either the building superintendent or engineer inspects each project milestone before signing off. All these required inspections are outlined in the initial approval process, so clients are always informed at every stage of their project.

two men working on construction

What You Can Expect When You Choose Star Renovations NY

With Star Renovations NY, each client has access to our project center, which will keep them continuously updated with photos, videos, and logs on their progress. The team has been through the approval process countless times, so we have it down to a science. We consistently follow up to make sure clients aren’t kept in the dark while waiting to hear back about their projects.

Our team is dedicated to offering the best design/build experience that NYC has to offer. With our in-house architects, designers, project managers, liaison, and contractors, we make it easy for clients to have a single point of contact throughout their renovation project. We’re committed to quality work, excellent customer service, and stress-free, streamlined processes.

Renovation projects can be daunting, but with Star Renovations NY by your side, the process is simplified from start to finish. Trust us to handle all aspects of your renovation approval package, and you’ll be enjoying your newly renovated space in no time.

Explore our portfolio, then call (718) 785-9402 to get started with a renovation consultation today.