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NYC Spotlight Renovation: Greenwich Village Gut Renovation

Two pictures of the Greenwich Village kitchen after the remodel. Hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, large island with light countertops and two stools.

Seeking inspiration for your next home renovation project? Star Renovations NY is proud to spotlight one of our most recent gut renovation projects in Greenwich Village, NYC. The project involved a complete overhaul of a two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment in Tribeca, with the client seeking a modern, sleek look to replace the outdated interior.

In this blog, we break down the entire experience from start to finish to give you an idea of what you can expect from your own Greenwich Village remodeling project. We’ll cover:

  • The approval process
  • The project timeline
  • The design phase
  • How we helped our clients save on pricing

Greenwich Village scope of work plan

The Approval Process

The first rule in the interior renovation process is to always expect the unexpected. During the approval process, this project faced several challenges, including the need to upgrade the electrical service to convert gas to a new electric oven. The team’s electrical engineer submitted a complete routing plan, ensuring no additional units were interrupted, and the building management approved the upgrade. The electrical company then upgraded the meter.

Our team also had to navigate the approval process for the expansion of the primary bathroom. Once clarification of the plumbing work was provided on proper waterproofing, we handled the approval process on the client’s behalf and transformed the space into a four-piece bathroom complete with a standing shower and tub.

Two bathroom photos after the remodel. Dual sink vanity with light countertops and a dark base and separate bath with a glass door stand-in shower.

The Project Timeline

The approval process for this particular project was lengthier due to the electric company’s involvement in upgrading the apartment’s electrical service. Getting the proper approvals took approximately three to four months. Once the approvals were in place, the renovation took an additional three to four months to complete. In total, the project took eight months.

Three images of the electrical work

The Design Phase

The team worked closely with the client to create a modern and sleek design that incorporated plenty of grays and whites. For the primary bathroom, we included an imitation marble alternative made from porcelain, which is more durable but still provides the sophisticated look of traditional marble.

In the kitchen, we incorporated gray hues with quartz countertops, and the team installed 8-inch-wide hardwood floor planks to create a more modern aesthetic. While the team did not enlarge the kitchen, we were able to nearly double its size by making a few functional tweaks to the space.

A before and after of the bathroom. The before image shows dark flooring and  old, outdated furnishings. The after photo shows the updated light and bright bathroom with whites and silvers.

How We Helped Our Clients Save on Pricing

Despite the high cost of renovations in New York City, we were able to complete the project for $600,000. The client saved close to 20% compared to the cost of newly renovated apartments in the current market, which were going for $800,000 more than what the client paid for before the renovation.

Before and after of the Greenwich Village remodel of the kitchen. The old kitchen had dark wood features and the new is light and bright.

Schedule Your Remodeling Consultation in Greenwich Village

If you’re inspired by this stunning renovation and want to start your own project, schedule a remodeling consultation with our expert team in Greenwich Village. Our full-service design and build firm can handle everything from design and approval to construction and the final touches, ensuring a stress-free renovation experience from start to finish.

Three images of the project to include a laundry room, remodeled closet with organizer, and bathroom.

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