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Renovating Historic Homes in NYC

post img Older homes have a special charm; preserving that charm while updating and restoring requires collaboration between designers and remodelers who understand artful historic preservation and the nuts and bolts of sound construction. Star Renovations NY’s luxury design and build service delivers the perfect compromise between satisfying a client’s vision and working within the limitations inherent to old and historic homes.

Read on to discover the benefits and obstacles associated with older home renovation.

Benefits of Older Home Renovation

New York’s older homes have a unique allure. They’re a visual representation of historic NYC, with bonus features like quirky hardware and fixtures and intricate architectural details you can’t find in new construction.

Here are some of the benefits of older and historic home renovation:
  • Unique visual appeal: Older homes stand out. Artisans of the past crafted irreplaceable details such as hand-carved, ornate mantlepieces and built-in cabinets or breakfast nooks. Updating and restoring this kind of home lets you enjoy modern-day comforts and amenities within an aesthetic you can’t build new in the 21st century.   
  • Increased property value: Smart renovations will raise the value of any property. Restoring a gorgeous old house while giving it the walk-in closets, modern appliances, and luxe bathrooms preferred by contemporary homeowners is an excellent investment.
  • Personal customization: Certain features in older homes can feel outdated. Renovating the home’s interior allows you to integrate your own personal touch and style into the unique architecture.

  • Potential Roadblocks Renovating Older New York Buildings

    The complications of renovating older buildings in New York are many, particularly if the home is historic. Older homes can be delicate and therefore need skill and experience to preserve. Remodelers must often work within narrow restrictions due to historic preservation rules. Where some see these obstacles as roadblocks, Star Renovations NY sees a challenge we’ve already prepped to overcome.

    Some possible challenges of older home renovation include:
    • Limited space: Historic preservation often dictates that you can’t add square footage while renovating a historic home, and the space limitations in NYC often prevent such expansions anyway. Your remodeler should instead maximize the existing living space, both visually and functionally.
    • Limited options: Certain elements of a historic home are considered essential to the home’s identity. Carefully restoring these elements or finding replacements to match the originals can be difficult — another reason to hire a company that’s prepared with action plans and contacts in hand.
    • Slow and steady: Restoring an older home the right way takes more time than renovating a newer build. For those who love historic homes, the quick and easy path isn’t as thrilling as bringing new life to an old home. There’s a special satisfaction to restoring a beautiful piece of history to its former glory while putting your own subtle stamp on it.
    • Older components: When renovating older homes, you may encounter rotten joists, old piping, or older electric work that isn’t up to code. Securing the right remodeling team can alleviate these concerns.

    • Trust Star Renovations NY for Your Home Renovation

      For a smooth, no-stress home renovation experience, hire Star Renovations NY. Let us call the historic preservation office and get all the permits and building approvals. Our attention to detail in business and work quality is impeccable, thanks to the support of an expert collaborative team, including an in-house architect and dedicated project managers for every client.

      Partnering with our boutique design/build company allows you to relax, knowing your project is with experts who will merge your needs and desires with the rules of older home remodeling to produce a gorgeous, high-end home you’ll love.

      Look through our portfolio of work to see what we mean.

      We’d love to discuss your hassle-free home renovation. Call (718) 785-9402 today or contact us online.